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MCM Backpack don't know whether private letters are the letter. Maybe you will receive a lot. But really hope you give me some advice. 93 years, zero love. I don't know if it's a friend's romance. Looking forward to love, but do not know how to start.

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MCM Backpack have no male friends. MCM Backpack don’t feel loved because I haven’t seen a heartbeat and I have a message. I don’t think it’s reliable. Can't trust. Friends said that MCM Backpack am the kind of person who likes to be chased by one person and will love it.

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MCM Backpack Some friends also said that I was only suitable for developing relationships from male friends, but I did not have male friends. Ugh. Two high school classmates recently introduced by a friend. Just WeChat, read my photos, said I liked me, wanted to chase me, always ask me if I can, MCM Backpack do not know how to answer. Feeling that people are slick and want to love more experience, but he said only three times love. MCM Backpack can't trust him. But there is a good impression.

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MCM Backpack blind date object, teacher, stingy, temperament is also OK. I feel so lost and honest. Seen from his predecessor's space dynamics. He complained that he would walk away and the like. So I started to be more than happy. Think he does not respect the feelings Or to escape Do not know how to describe. MCM Backpack the predecessor said that he must return home from the field to score points. But it hasn't been completely cleaned up yet. MCM Backpack didn't seem to be connected after I got home. Before the dynamics were booked a wedding photo.